Fine Art Themes for WordPress

Please note that the thumbnails in the screenshots can be a size of your choosing. Big, little, you name it.

How the WordPress Artist Themes got their names

Well if you’re an artist you’ve probably already figured that out. I decided to name the themes after famous works of art and artists. David, for example, is named after Michelangelo’s David. Cassatt after artist Mary Cassatt, and so on.


This guide will help you understand the intricacies of creating a fine art website and get it up and running. We look at everything, from what makes a good domain name and host, to writing for the web, crafting content, SEO and making your work look good.

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Before you upload any images to your website, embed your copyright and image information into your photos using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

By attaching copyrights, image descriptions, your name and or contact info, you are helping to protect your images wherever they go.

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This tutorial will show you how to sell original works of art on your WordPress site or any site.  There is also a bit on how to set up multiples like prints and cards.

What’s unique about the way I write tutorials is that they are created for visual learners. Artists are visual people so laying out instruction with images that shows you exactly where to click and what to do next is a better fit.

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Learn WordPress – Tutorials for Artists

With this 100+ page PDF learn how to manage your WordPress content and images, as well as administer your site. Inside you’ll find detailed instruction on:

  • administer and backup your content
  • change the appearance of your site
  • add functionality through the use of widgets
  • make your site content more interesting and engaging
  • format your text content and images for search engines
  • understand the basics of blogging
  • manage your portfolio and images online
  • resize your images for the web

The tutorials are mainly screenshot markups that tell you where to click and in what order to click. If you’re anything like me you learn visually, meaning you take words and paint pictures in your head with them. With these tutorials I’m giving you the picture, literally.

Here’s a peak inside