Fine Art Themes for WordPress

Grid blog posts on blog landing page
Grid blog posts on blog landing page


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How the WordPress Artist Themes got their names

Well if you’re an artist you’ve probably already figured that out. I decided to name the themes after famous works of art and artists. David, for example, is named after Michelangelo’s David. Cassatt after artist Mary Cassatt, and so on.

Individual WordPress Tutorials for Artists

This guide will help you understand the intricacies of creating a fine art website and get it up and running. We look at everything, from what makes a good domain name and host, to writing for the web, crafting content, SEO and making your work look good.

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imagesBefore you upload any images to your website, embed your copyright and image information into your photos using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

By attaching copyrights, image descriptions, your name and or contact info, you are helping to protect your images wherever they go.

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SEO2Traffic to your site can grow substantially with search engine indexing of your images.  The first thing you need to know is that a search engine robot can not see that your image is a landscape, or oil on canvas, you have to tell it with words.

In WordPress, each image you upload to the Media Library offers you the ability to define ALT and TITLE attributes. This provides search engines with text they can read, find and index your images.
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paypal_2014_logo_detailThis tutorial will show you how to sell original works of art but there is also a bit on how to set up multiples like prints and cards.

What’s unique about the way I write tutorials is that they are created for visual learners. Artists are visual people so laying out instruction with images that shows you exactly where to click and what to do next is a better fit.

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Complete set of WordPress Tutorials for Artists

wp-logo_500x500With this 100+ page PDF you will learn how to manage WordPress content and images, as well as administer your site.

Included are the SEO for Artists and Resize Images tutorials. Note the PayPal tutorial is not included.

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